Iain Merrick


Indie games · ex-Google · Comp sci PhD · Glasgow, Scotland

I’m primarily interested in contract work, either remote or in the Glasgow area.

I write stable and high-performance code for resource-constrained environments. I do full-stack development: native client, back end, build system, testing. I love working directly with users to solve their problems, and to make apps they love to use! I’ve worked on videogames, TV and web advertising, big data, embedded operating systems, digital radio receivers, and educational software.

Professional experience

More Please! (2013–present)

I’m a freelance developer, currently focusing on games.

I’ve worked with independent games studio inkle (Cambridge, UK) on all of their recent releases. I started doing Android ports, and now I’m a general problem-solver who gets everything working smoothly on every platform under the sun.

Dates listed below are launch dates; I also handle long-term support.

Personal highlights

Sorcery! 4 (Sep 2016)

Sorcery! 3 (Apr 2015)

80 Days (Dec 2014)

Sorcery! 2 (Jun 2014)

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! (Mar 2014)

Google UK (2006–2013)

Personal highlights

Ads Effectiveness Research (Jan 2012 – Jul 2013)

Android (Aug 2010 – Jan 2012)

AdSense for TV (Oct 2006 – Aug 2010)

RadioScape PLC (2001–2006)

RadioScape was a London-based company specializing in Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) receivers and broadcast equipment. Now part of the Factum Radioscape group.

Personal highlights

Team Leader (Feb 2006 – Oct 2006)

Principal Software Engineer (Oct 2004 – Feb 2006)

Senior Software Engineer (Jul 2002 – Oct 2004)

Software Engineer (Jan 2001 – Jul 2002)

Student jobs & freelance (1993–2000)

Developmental Studies group, Glasgow Caledonian University (Dec 1997)

Vision Science group, Glasgow Caledonian University (Jul–Aug 1996)

Educational software, used in several Scottish high schools


PhD (Computer Science), University of York (1997–2000)

I researched coordination languages for open distributed systems, using the tuple-based style of David Gelernter’s language Linda, as used in Sun’s JavaSpaces and IBM’s TSpaces. I created a new formal system based on first-class scopes, which improves the expressiveness of the language without requiring the addition of new primitive operations. I developed prototypes of my language in Haskell, C++ and Java.

BSc Hons (Computer Science), University of St Andrews (1993–1997)